Re-Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC
Affiliated with the University of Calcutta


Bangabasi College is one of the oldest and reputed institutes in the city of Kolkata, having been established in the year 1887. Many renowned personalities have walked the corridors of this college over the years, either as a student or as one of its faculty. In later years, with increase in the number students and more courses offered, the college opened its morning section, more popularly known as Bangabasi Morning College.

The college,through its Morning and Day sections, offered a number of courses to its students,arranging for a wider range of subjects in its curriculum. Simultaneously, it actively encouraged its students to pursue their interests in sports and games. Many famous players who have represented this State, have graduated from this college. Sadly, however, despite such active encouragement by the college, it lacked a proper gymnasium in its compound till about three years back.

At this point of time, the college authorities felt that physical fitness was just as much a necessity as that of a student’s academic career. In fact,today, there is a great stress on physical fitness in our country, making students aware, at a young age, the need to stay healthy, energetic and capable of fulfilling arduous tasks.

With this aim in view, the college gymnasium was inaugurated in the year 2013 under the able guidance of its physical instructor, Sri Ranadeep Das, who is not only professionally qualified for the job but is keenly interested in the overall physical well being of all students. The gymnasium is kept open for the benefit of the students during the greater part of college hours and Mr. Das, our instructor, is available to the students for offering his tips and guidance. Mr. Das has built a reputation in his profession and is sought after by not only students of our college but even students from other colleges.

We intend to improve our gymnasium further so that it can offer the very best to all students who study here.

Physical Instructor:

Sri Ranadeep Das