Re-Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC
Affiliated with the University of Calcutta

Institutional Distinctiveness

Bangabasi Morning College started its career as a unit of Bangabasi College. This Institution seminally emerged from Bangabasi School founded by Acharya Girish Chandra Bose in 1855 in Bowbazar Street. The college moved into its present premises at 19, Scott Lane (now Rajkumar Ckaraborty Sarani) in 1903. Principal Prasanta Kumar Bose, the illustrious son of Acharya Girish Chandra Bose, an eminent educationist of Bengal, founded the Morning Section of the Bangabasi College for the needy employed students in 1940 to teach Commerce.

In 1944 Principal Bose opened up the Arts and Science faculties in the morning. Finally employed women were also enrolled as students by Professor Bose. Through the introduction of phase reduction scheme of the University Grants Commission, Bangabasi Morning College came into a separate existence in the year 1965.

Since inception, Bangabasi Morning College has embarked on the task of instilling a value-based nationalistic education along with scientific understanding. Disseminating knowledge in the society by this holistic and futuristic model of education has been the primary mission of this institution. Throughout its history the institution has dedicated itself to the cause of the poor and underprivileged students. The college has wide-ranging courses from almost all the major streams to offer to its students. Keeping in mind the local, regional and national needs, the college has, from time to time, introduced new courses and upgraded the existing courses. Bangabasi Morning College is whole-heartedly dedicated to the all-round development of the students by imparting value-based, liberal, modern and self-reliant education.

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