Re-Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC
Affiliated with the University of Calcutta



The college library has rich collection of valuable old books and journals ,some of them are very rare, apart from the good old stock of new titles on various subjects.It has a capacious reading room named after the Martyr Jatin Das.

Library has an advisory Committee known as Library Sub-Committee.It is composed of the Librarian and some of the faculty members.It examines functioning of the Library ,suggests for better functioning ,checks up the stock,recommends for new purchasing of books and journals according to the lists submitted by different Departments and students and also looks after how the reading room is used by the students.

The Library staff ensures its access,use and security of materials.One computer is available for the Library,but internet,reprographic facilities etc are not available.College is planning to make full use of the computer.Purchase of books are made yearly according to the Departmental lists.In addition ,important journals and other reading materials as well as few books are also purchased according to the immediate need of the concerned Dept.After purchase ,they are used by the teachers and students.Our library does not have any archive section due to lack of space.Usually Library is used by the teachers and students.But as soon as new purchase are made,it is intimated by the Librarian to the teachers and students after the process of catalogueing is completed.Employment News and different news relating to employment and job-oriented studies published in the dailies,Brouchers etc are kept in the library and provided to the students.Catalogueing ,Display of new arrivals ,display of journals and Catalogueing Cabinet has been made in the library system.


Sri. Srimanta Pal