Re-Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC
Affiliated with the University of Calcutta

Code of Conduct



Bangabasi Morning College is a co-educational institution with a rich cultural heritage imparting education in Arts, Science and Commerce Courses at degree level.


The college starts at 6.40 a.m. and continues till 11.30 am, to the effect. Students are to take note of the following rules of the college very carefully.


  1. Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited. During leisure period or during a period when class falls through, students should go to the Common room or Library room.


  1. Smoking within the college compound is strictly prohibited.


  1. Any change of subject may be allowed within a month from the date of commencement of classes. Students must attend their classes regularly. For continuous absence more than 15 days in any class they have to submit explanations from the guardians. For continuous absence more than two months without any intimation names will be struck off.


  1. Creating disturbances in classes, adopting unfair means in examinations and making nuisance in the campus will be treated as gross misconduct and breach of discipline for which student are liable to severe punishment.


  1. Appearing in the Unit Tests and preparatory Test examination is compulsory. Students who will not appear in college Examinations or will fail to secure qualifying marks and/or very irregular in their attendance in the college will not be sent off for University Examination.


  1. For concessions in tuition fees, applications are invited from poor and meritorious students S.C/S.T. students may apply for loan scholarship or stipends on the notice circulated by the Principal.


  1. In order to avail railway concession certificate for monthly railway tickets, bonafide students other than employed ones may apply. Such certificate may be issued to the students concerned as per records of residence of parents/Guardians mentioned in the College Admission Form.


  1. For any official work or any problem students/Guardians can meet the Principal on any working day between 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.


  1. Students must fill in the registration form at the time of Admission or when such forms will be supplied by the University.


  1. Students will have to take the Library card from the Library on showing their Fee books on specified dates. Books are issued from the Library on production of Library Cards on specific dates in between 8.a.m to 11 a.m. and books are received from the students during the same hours as mentioned above. For Honours students books are issued by the respective Heads of the Departments


  1. All fees must be paid only through fee Books issued to the students by the College authority.


  1. Each student is provided with an Identity card with his/her photograph attested by the Principal of the college. This is an important document and should be carefully preserved. Students must keep their Identity Card with them when they come to the college.


  1. Tuition fees are to be paid within a stipulated time period. A fine is charged for the delay in payment of tuition fees. Names of the defaulters may be struck off from the rolls by the order of the Principal.


  1. The academic Session of the college begins from the month of July and ends in the month of June next year.


  1. Election of the Students Union is usually held in the month of December. Four representatives elected