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Teachers' Council

The Teachers Council at a Glance:

The Teachers’ Council serves as a statutory body, dedicated to ensuring quality assurance in teaching, learning, and evaluation. Comprising all permanent faculty members, including the librarian and graduate laboratory instructors, it embodies democratic principles by fostering participation in decision-making processes. At our college, the Teachers’ Council stands as a dynamic entity, committed to achieving both academic and administrative excellence collectively. Through our concerted efforts, we continually strive to reach milestones and uphold the esteemed reputation of our college.


The Teachers’ Council includes all full-time teachers, including the librarian and graduate laboratory instructors, who are appointed to substantive posts within the institution. Additionally, it is mandated to have a secretary, who is chosen either through election or selection from among the members. The Principal or TIC of the college serves as the Ex-officio President of the council, ensuring its efficient functioning and alignment with institutional goals.


Specific aims and objectives guide the Teachers’ Council. Its primary goal is to discuss and propose resolutions on a wide range of academic, administrative, and infrastructural matters concerning the college. Through regular meetings, the council deliberates on these issues and subsequently recommends actions to the Principal for implementation. This process ensures collaborative decision-making and contributes to the overall enhancement of the institution.


The Teachers’ Council at our college stands as a proactive representative entity comprising all faculty members, dedicated to fostering comprehensive academic excellence within the institution. With a mix of seasoned senior faculty and vibrant young educators, the council facilitates the introduction of innovative ideas and dynamic approaches to college operations. Regular meetings, chaired by the Principal, provide a platform for thorough discussions on various issues, ensuring the seamless functioning of the college. The council plays a pivotal role in assisting the Principal in governance and maintaining the overall welfare of the institution, contributing to its smooth operation and progress.

As a statutory platform for teachers and a beacon of democratic principles, the Teachers’ Council fulfils vital functions year-round. It serves as a bridge between the administration, students, and faculty, motivating students to engage actively in college activities. The council oversees the planning and execution of various academic affairs, such as admissions, examinations, class schedules, and extracurricular activities, ensuring smooth operations. Under its oversight, committees and sub-committees are formed, covering areas like academic admissions, research, infrastructure maintenance, and more, with faculty members leading these efforts. The council advocates for the academic expansion of the college, striving to provide necessary infrastructure and facilities. It continuously develops recommendations for the college's improvement and diligently follows up on their implementation. Additionally, the Teachers’ Council participates in personal occasions of colleagues, fostering a sense of community and cooperation within the college. Such endeavours require the wholehearted cooperation of all members of the college community.


Office Bearers:

President: Dr Amitava Dutta (Principal, Ex-officio)

Teachers’ Council Secretary: Dr Malabika Bhowmick

Assistant Teachers’ Council Secretary: Sri Atul Ch Biswas

Treasurer: Sri Anirudha Pal

Meetings of the Teachers’ Council: