Re-Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC
Affiliated with the University of Calcutta

Vision, Mission & Goal

  • The Vision of BANGABASI MORNING COLLEGE is to preserve and promote the academic excellance and uphold the true meaning and significance of the three lofty ideals enunciated in the College monogram –“ PRANIPATENA,PARIPRASHNENA,SEVAYA”-by reverence by Questioning and by service can one persue the true end of knowledge.On the other hand,the Mission of the College is to carry forward the torch of educational and spread it amongst those who suffer under the curse of poverty which implies to impart education to those poor students who can afford to pay for higher education.

  • The goals and objectives of the college are to enkindle the light of knowledge particularly amongst the poorer section of the society by opening new subjects of study and vocational courses to equip themselves for self employment by inculating the rich heritage of “Bangabasi Group of Colleges “with patriotic Zeal and national enthusiasm so that everyone of them becomes a “true man with social commitment” in the society.Such noble goals and objectives are diffused through lectures by the Principal ,teacher ,non-teaching staff and senior students of the Students Union in and assembly of new first year students on the very first day when new academic session commences.

  • The major consideration addressed to by the goals and objectives of the college are reflected in the curricular where programmes and courses are designed to conform to them.

  • Keeping in touch with the rich tradition of excellence which is diffused through generation of students ,it has completed its splendid existence of more than forty years as an independent institution.Since its inception as a self completed college in 1965,it has been continuing a steady advancement in the academic pursuit through opening of new subjects in the emerging areas of different disciplines and introduction of Honours Courses in different faculties of Arts ,Science and Commerce.