Re-Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC
Affiliated with the University of Calcutta

Principal’s Desk

Principal as the head of the Institution is a friend, philosopher and guide as well as team leader of the college.He is ever agile regarding academic and general administration.he develops close relationship with the teacher, non-teaching staff,students,Secretary T.C., President and other members of the Governing Body. He chalk out the all-round development plan of the college infrastructure,extension,academic and administration,place proposal before the governing body for approval and convince all corners to implement the decisions adopted in the GB to forge ahead by taking leading role.

At the same time, he is regular,morally sound ,disciplined democratic and sympathetic.He gives patient hearing to all problems brought before him by different corners of the college and try to resolve them amicably by opening dialogue if they are within his capacity. Apart from that he follows all the duties assigned by Clause 103, sub-clause (5) of the Calcutta University first statutes 1979.

Dr. Amitava Dutta

Principal, Bangabasi Morning College