Re-Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC
Affiliated with the University of Calcutta

Best Practices



To make higher education available to all corners of the society, irrespective of cast, creed and socio-economic condition.

The Context:

The goals and objectives of the college are to enkindle the light of knowledge particularly amongst the poorer section of the society to equip them for self employment.

The Practice:
  1. i) Admission: The College maintains a transparent admission procedure, keeping the criteria for eligibility low so that the students from the unprivileged class may also get a chance of higher education.
  2. ii) Financial Support: Students seeking concession towards tuition fees are interviewed individually by the Principal along with other members of the Student Aid Fund sub-committee before sanctioning Half or Full freeship or any amount of financial assistance. During the time of interview, members of the sub-committee try to understand the socioeconomic background of the student along with the number of family members, number of brothers and sisters, etc. In-charge of the departments also collects such information. The various teaching departments in the college have also extended financial support to students who are economically challenged by providing them books, study material, dissecting equipments etc.
  3. Orientation: The goals and objectives of the institution are diffused through lectures by the Principal, teachers, non-teaching staff and senior students of the Students’ Union in an assembly of new first year students on the very first day when new P academic session commences.
Adherence to Academic Calendar

Publishing Academic Calendar regularly is one of the best practices of the institution. Tutorial classes are taken by the teachers almost regularly, particularly in the slack session. Annual Magazine is published providing scope to the students to express their views and develop literary skill. 

College publishes updated Prospectus annually. It contains the following information, which is disseminated to the students :-

  1. A brief sketch of the glorious past of the College
  2. Names of the Governing Body members
  3. Staff- Teaching Faculty and Non-teaching Staff
  4. General information and Code of Conduct for the students
  5. Courses of Study
  6. Subjects taught in the College
  7. Combinations allowed
  8. Tuition fees
  9. Recess and Holidays 

Health Services:

The College students are beneficiary of Students’ Health Home (SHH). Their Central Polyclinic is situated at 142/2, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700014, in close proximity to the college. During admission a nominal amount is charged from the students for the purpose of SHH services. The collective amount is sent to SHH from the college and cards are issued to the students. Whenever necessary the students get all health services from SHH which was established in 1952 literally by the blood of students and youth.

Preparing for the future:

Conducting group discussions and home assignments, class room seminar and other academic activities are regularly practiced. Quiz competition, debate competition, cultural competition essay competition were held to prepare the students to adapt in the competitive world ahead.

Vocational guidance based on personality and interest of students is very important aspect of modern teaching.  Departmental teachers provide guidance and counseling to the students for pursuing future studies and in matter of job opportunities in the different fields. Recommendation Letters were issued by Departmental heads to students during their placement in various jobs. 

Evidence of Success:

Students from different cast and creed study in the institution. The locational advantage of the college is also noteworthy, situated in close proximity to the Sealdah railway station many students from the suburban areas take admission in this college. The duration of the college hour is also advantageous for the students who work for a livelihood along with continuing higher education in this institution.  Some of the students opt for further studies in Masters Degree course even continue till the doctoral degree. Many of the students find their own niche in the greater world earning for themselves and family.

Problems encountered and Resources required:

Students having a compulsion to work during their college days often become unable to continue their studies for personal constraints. The College needs more financial resources to reach out to more students in need of support from the institution. 



To achieve all-round development

The Context:

The objective of the institution is not mere teaching and learning but much wider than mechanical bookish education. The target is to inculcate the rich heritage of “Bangabasi Group of Colleges” among the students with patriotic zeal and national enthusiasm so that every one of them becomes a “true man with social commitment” in the society.

The Practice:
  1. Observation of nationally important days:

To develop the spirit of patriotism Birth day of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (23rd

January), Republic day (26th January), Independence day (15th August) and Death

Anniversary of Martyr Jatin Das (13th September) are observed with great respect. The college also holds a programme on Bhasha Dibas on 21st February to commemorate International Vernacular day. 

  1. ii) Community services:

Community service is the foundation of societies and cultures. An educational institution may play a key role in generation of social attitude in the young minds. Bangabasi Morning College has an NCC wing with a cadet capacity of 150. The NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens.

In the year 2009  the college started an NSS wing. As per the National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, the NSS of our college works with a primary focus on the development of personality of students through community service.  The wing regularly arrange programmes on important social and environmental issues like water crisis, thallassaemia and performed social works in slums and village.

iii)    Environmental awareness:

The College also aims at building individuals’ propensity to engage in pro-environmental behaviours. Development of environmental awareness and the attitude to protect the environment is one of the major needs of the century. No community development is possible without a sound knowledge on the environment. Generation of environmental awareness through lectures, field trip and seminars is an essential part of the college curriculum. 

  1. iv) Sports activities:

The institution possesses a play ground and pavilion on the Calcutta Maidan, shared by the three colleges: Bangabasi Morning College, Bangabasi College and Bangabasi Evening College. With the active co-operation of the students’ Union, College organises inter-class football and cricket competition, Inter-College Table Tennis and Carom tournament. The Institution encourages participation of women in intra and inter institution sports competitions. A large number, of girl students participate in the Annual sports organised by the Students’ Union every year. During admission reservation on Sports Quota is maintained for outstanding sportspersons. In the annual sports meet of the college the winners in various events are encouraged by giving them sports equipments and tracksuits. 

  1. v) Educational Trips and Field Work:

In order to expose the students to real life objects of nature and to clarify subject matter through first hand experience excursions and field trips are arranged. Educational tours have been introduced in the streams of humanities as well as science other than those already prescribed in the syllabus. These are opportunities to develop scientific attitude, spirit of leadership, power of observation and other social skills.  

  1. vi) Co-curricular activities:

Students’ magazine is regularly published to provide opportunity for literary activities. Quiz competition, debate competition, cultural competition, essay competition are held. 

Evidence of Success:

Students develop good character which is the base on which the future of a person depends. Attitude of sharing, compassion for others, team spirit are the success of the activities practiced in this institution. 

Problems encountered and Resources required:

The teacher: student ratio in the institution is not adequate. The apparent inadequacy in the number of teaching staff is compensated by the sincere efforts of the teachers. The College also appoints teachers on college pay basis in order to fill the gap and carry on all activities towards a better future.