UGC Sponsored National Conference on Environment.

UGC sponsored National Conference on Environmental impacts on health: towards a better future was held during 27-28 March, 2015. The conference brought together scientists, doctors, researchers and academicians together to discuss the present problems of environment affecting human and ecosystem health. The conference was held in collaboration with Das Research Centre and Clinical Laboratory. The major benefit at the institutional level was sharing of scientific information and data on the relationship between environmental factors and health. Students through this conference came to know the alarming facts about environmental degradation on one hand and on the other got a view to keep away from polluting the environment further. Apart from development of knowledge in participating in the conference, students through their Poster Presentations got the opportunity to develop academic skill, leadership and scientific attitude. Since today’s students are tomorrow’s teachers and scientists and even policy makers, the conference was a success in imparting the knowledge of the environment into the young minds who will utilize it in their future activities in making the world a better place to live in.

The List of Presentations is given below:

Sl.No. Author Title of the paper
1. Dr. Atanu Raha Keynote Address

Impacts of Climate changes on health:

2. Dr. Manas Ranjan Ray Health impact of air pollution with special reference to cancer risk.
Dr. Sankar Kumar Nath Food and Cancer
4. Dr. Parthiba Basu


On landscapes, bees and birds
5. T. Roychowdhury, S. Koner,J. Samanta, N. Roychowdhury, A. Das, S. Roychowdhury


Entry of arsenic in food chain: A further threat to Bengal delta
6. Smt. Saheli Mukherjee Occupational Stress and Management
7. Prof. A Gomes Nanotechnology : Hazards and Precautions of Working with Nanoparticles
8. Dr. Rita Saha Solid Waste Management
9. Sudeshna Shyam Choudhury


Damaging and beneficial effects of natural UV radiation on high altitude grown tea plants
10. Aniruddha Chatterjee and Urmi Chatterji


Effects of inorganic arsenic on the rat uterus and development of a therapeutic strategy using all-trans retinoic acid
11. Sankar Narayan Sinha, Karabi Biswas and Dipak Paul


Microbial Decolorization of Azo Dye Methyl Red by Bacillus sp. MR3
12. Sourav Sikdar and Prakriti Ranjan Sarkar Lung cancer and modern therapeutic approaches: A review
13. Goutam Brahma & Sobhan Kumar Mukherjee


Threats to the Sundarbans mangrove ecosystems with special reference to Nypa fruticans Wurmb. and Heritiera fomes Buch.-Ham
14. Munmun Laha and Dr. Sudip Kr. Das


Removal of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solution using Peanut Shell as a Bio-Adsorbent in a Continuous Fixed Bed Adsorption Column
15. Sujoy Sarkar


Inter-relationship between different water parameters with aquatic insect fauna in three different ponds at East Calcutta Wetland
16. Rita Paul


A concise overview of some plant resources for healthy living (?)
17. Samar Halder


Control of rabies through animal birth control program
18. Samita Kundu


Endocrine disruptors: A review
19. Sonali Dey (Sengupta)


Impact of indiscriminate use of pesticides on environment
20. Sunit Mitra and Sobhan Kumar Mukherjee Exotic Asteraceae of West Bengal used in health care
21. Supatra Sen


Seasonal Effect on Carotenoid Content: Antioxidants for Human Health
22. Pampa Chakraborty and Swati Gupta Bhattacharya


Investigation on fungal spore exposure in the class rooms of a suburban higher secondary school of West Bengal with reference to respiratory allergy
23. Sanjib Saha


Defence mechanisms of Crustacea against pathogenic and nonpathogenic infection
24. Madhushri Das Datta


Sustainable use of natural resources for a healthy environment
25. Saikat Sarkar and Aparna Banerjee


Arsenic and Fluoride Contamination in Ground Water: A Serious Threat to Human Health
26. Anamika Basu and Anasua Sarkar


Interaction of pollen allergen with human antibody
27. Sudip Kumar Roy, Anshuman Saha and Sauris Panda


Climate change and its impact on ecosystem health


28. Ananya Bar and J. Andrew The Effects of Pongamia glabra and Syzygium aromaticum on Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae
29. Debjani Das (Ghosh) Colonization of ants in Gorumara National Park region
30. Madan Chandra Karan


The major pollutants of Sundarban areas and its potential health effects
31. Nilanjan Patra


Climatic Shock, Community Capability and Childhood Malnutrition: Case Study from the Indian Sundarbans
32. Partha Pal


Coliforms in water- A threat to human health
33. Prabal Giri and Churala Pal


Ecotoxicological aspects of pharmaceuticals on aquatic environment
34. Shampa Sarkar


Oribatid mites as indicators of soil ecosystem health
35. Kishor Sayd Mondal, Rashmita Saha, Khanthaychaa Namchoom, and Arnab Banerjee Noise Pollution: a Menace of City Life
36. Shaoli Majumder Physiological response of epiphytic lichen to the urban air pollutants of Kolkata
37. Abhijit Das Arsenicosis and Death in a Gram Panchayet (Cluster of Villages) of Murshidabad District, One of the Nine Arsenic Affected Districts in West Bengal
38. Somnath Sau and Prithwiraj Byabartta Copper (II) azo complexes : Copper (II)-bis naphthylazo imidazole/ benzimidazole/ pyridine Complexes: Synthesis and Spectroscopic study and Electrochemistry.
39. Priya Bhowmick, Shivani Swarup and Shaira Bano Crisis of the Coral Reefs
40. Goutam Mahata Biological treatment of industrial wastewater containing toxic and hazardous heavy metals and chemicals
41. I. Saha, P. P. Basu (Ray) and B. R. Maiti Effect of   Vehicular Exhaust on   the adrenal and   pineal gland of   chicks
42. Jayeeta Banerjee and Sudip Kumar Das Nickel and its Health Effects
43. Jnanojjal Chanda Role of Green Chemistry to Control the Chemical Hazards
44. Mala Thapa Nanoparticle Exposure and Its Impact on Environment and Human Health: A literature Review
45. Mitu De and Santi Ranjan Dey Effect of the wastewater discharges from rice mills in Murshidabad on the ecosystem health of adjacent land and water bodies
46. Munmun Kundu Occupational Health Hazards and Lifestyle Management
47. Prasenjit Sarkar Ethnomedicinal Plants in Service of Rural Bengal
48. Saptarshi Chatterjee and Nilabja Sikdar Environmental effect on cancer with special reference to the Gallbladder Cancer
49. Shreyashi Sarkar and Sudip kumar Das Column studies on removal of Cr(VI) by rice husk ash
50. Sreejata Biswas, Pulak Lahiri and Satadal Das Identification and Application of the Predominant Bacterium Extracted from Epigeic Earthworm Perionyx excavatus
51.    Swati Sinha Babu Impact of environmental degradation on health
51. Tandra Das Effects of lanthanum on cell division and chromosomal aberration in Hordeeum vulgare
52. Tania Mitra and Sudip Kumar Das Removal of Cr(VI) ions from aqueous solution using blackberry leaves in continuous column mode
53. Taposh Kumar Paul A study on the Environmental Costs of Prawn Culture in West Bengal
54. Mohsina Iqbal Plants in Mitigating Indoor Air Pollution and Improving Human Health of its Inhabitants
55. Chittabrata Chakrabarti and Saumyabrata Chakrabarti Environmental degradation: some susceptible issues of West Bengal