According to our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, ‘Applied and fundamental research is the crying need of the nation to foster research culture in our academia and universities for the basic needs of our growing population, especially, clean drinking water, food, healthcare, energy, housing, infrastructure and education,’. Keeping harmony with the vision of the great educationist, some of the faculty members of the College have been pursuing research activities in various promising fields and in different universities of great esteem. In the period from 2007-2012 Smt. Papiya Saha, Assistant professor in Botany, started her research in the University of Calcutta on environment related topic of Studies on salt induced physio-chemical changes in mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) and its possible reversal by preconditioning with sodium chloride. Sri Radharaman Bar in the department of  Botany carried on his research on  Diversity of Cypselar Features in some Compositae. Smt. Paramita Chatterjee, part time lecturer of  Botany also started to work on Studies on salt induced changes in growth and metabolism in some legume cultivars and its possible alterations by pretreatment with sodium chloride. Smt. Sreejata Biswas in the department of Zoology worked on a very important environmental issue. The title of her Ph.D. thesis was Earthworm species and gutflora associates: Assessment of their potential in improving soil fertility and bioconversion of organic wastes.

Sri Prasenjit Sarkar in the department of Anthropology, being registered as a research scholar in University of Ranchi, worked for his thesis on The Kapali: a Backward Community in the Context of larger Society . Sri Anindya Sarkar in the department of  Physics continued his research on  Studies on Defect Dependent Properties in Oxide Superconductors and Some Other Oxides. Debasree Chatterjee, part time lecturer of Political science started her Ph.D. work on another issue of the environment: Forest rights and tribal development: A comparative study of West Bengal and Odisha.

Smt. Sanchita Bose in the department of Bengali, registered in Jadavpur University, started her research on Parashuramer Chhotogalpo: Nirmaner Shilpo. Sri Madan Chandra Karan, also in department of  Bengali, registered as scholar in Vidyasagar University, worked on the topic: Amiyabhushaner Upanyase Lokayata Upadan. Sri Asutosh Kumar, Head of the department of Hindi, did his research on  Hindi ki Navlekhan Mulak Sahityik Patrakarita ko ‘Nikash’ ka Yogdan. Piyush Kant Rai, part time lecturer in Hindi, in 2012 started his research work on Samakaleen Upanyas aur Sthaniya Asmita ka Sangharsh.