Seminar organised by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Seminar on “Childhood of Universe

As part of a fascinating endeavour to explore the origins of and unveil the mystery of the universe, a seminar was organized by I.Q.A.C., Bangabasi Morning College on 20th December, 2017. The title of the seminar was “Childhood of Universe”. The eminent and distinguished scientist, Professor Palash Baran Pal delivered his talk on this topic in a lucid manner. The deliberation by Professor Pal on the mystery of universe was so interesting and attractive to the audience comprising of teachers, non-teaching staff and students that they practically absorbed the lecture with great attention. As an academician Professor Pal is well-known in our country as well as abroad. In this seminar he emerged again as the champion speaker. After the seminar talk the audience could visualize the process of an expanding universe. On closing his talk Professor Pal spent quality time responding patiently to the queries of the audience, mostly students.

The seminar was inaugurated by Prof. Shipra Halder, Teacher-in-Charge, Bangabasi Morning College with her brief speech. Dr. Mukul Kumar Mitra, Co-ordinator, I.Q.A.C., Bangabasi Morning College gave an introductory speech on the topic of the seminar. Dr. Anindya Sarkar performed the difficult job of introducing a world famous scientist like Palash Baran Pal to the audience. The vote of thanks was given by Sri Jaharlal Das, the Govt. Nominee, G.B., Bangabasi Morning College. The entire programme was anchored by Miss Aditi Das, Faculty, Dept. of Geography, Bangabasi Morning College.

21st Century Ethics: Status and Dimensions

With the advancements in science and technology the world is experiencing rapid shifts of values. On 6th August, 2014 a seminar was organised by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college on 21st Century Ethics: Status and Dimensions. The objective of the seminar was to develop sense of desired values and awaken the sense of responsibility. In the brief inauguration ceremony the importance of values and ethics in education was discussed by the Coordinator of IQAC of the college. The Principal elaborated the Smt. Malabika Bhowmick, Assistant Professor of the Department of Bengali of Bangabasi Morning College presented a talk on Professor Antony Gomes of the Department of Physiology, Calcutta University delivered a scintillating lecture on Toxin Bioterrorism. In his lecture he discussed some of the biological warfare agents (Saxitoxin, botulinum, tetradotoxin, ricin, etc) their origin, actions, antagonism etc. The lecture also focused on the basic tactics to combat bioterrorism. He expressed that there is an urgent need of implementation of awareness strategies against bioterrorism through education at the school college and university level. The talk was very well received by the audience. A book of abstract was published on the occasion.

Seminar on Cyber Crime

On 16th September, 2015 a seminar on Cyber Crime was organized by the IQAC of Bangabasi Morning College. Issues like Cyberbullying, Cyber Pornography, MMS, RAT, Net-Banking fraud were discussed. The main speaker of the event was Cyber Expert Advocate Bivas Chatterjee, Public Prosecutor for Cyber Law and Electronics Evidence for entire West Bengal. Cyber Crime against Women was a major topic of discussion. Advocate Chatterjee reported a number of case studies including Seema Khanna Case and Ritu Kohli Case. Safety tips for protection against cyber crime were given including a detailed discussion on Password Protection and Social Network Site.

The seminar was attended by members of the Governing Body, faculty, support staff and students of all departments in huge numbers. Overwhelming response was found among the audience and the event was a mega success in generating awareness on the contemporary and important issue of crime on the internet.

Seminar on Superstition, Blind faith, Super-Naturalism  and Science.

A  Seminar was organised by IQAC on 8th September, 2016 on Superstition, Blind faith, Super naturalism  and Science. Two eminent speakers from Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha, Kolkata Distict Committee, Professor Shambhu Nandi, Secretary and Dr. Arunabha Misra, Assistant Secretary,     delivered speeches on the topic with a view to develop scientific attitude and spirit among the audience. The seminar was attended by all teachers and support staff and students. On behalf of the college the Teacher-in-Charge Smt. Shipra Halder, The coordinator of IQAC Dr. Mukul Kumar Mitra and Member of the Governing Body Sri Jahar Lal Das presented their thoughtful views on the theme. After the speeches an awareness campaign and exhibition were held by the members of Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha against Black Magic. The programme was very much fruitful and attractive as well. Through interactions the speakers were able to generate consciousness on superstitions and supernaturalism among the audience.