Attend examination centre

(Notice Date: 20.03.2019)

All plucked candidates are requested to attend the Examination Centre on 30.03.2019 B.A/B.Sc and B.Com Part I (1+1+1 Systems) Examination, 2019 as per following scheduled.

 B.A/B.Sc. and B.Com Part-I Examination, 2019 ENGC/CMEC-30.03.2019 11:00 am to 01:00 pm 

MIL (BNGL, ENGL, HINL, URDL) 30.03.2019       Time: 02:00 pm to 04 pm.

(BNGM, ENGM, HINM, URDM) 30.03.2019   Time: 02:00 pm to 04 pm


Teacher in Charge

Bangabasi Morning College