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Contribution to CM’s Relief Fund

Dated 20th April 2020.

Report of our small contribution towards global health crisis.

As the world struggles with the current global health crisis, the Government of India has declared Covid-19 to be a “notified disaster”. Our State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced several relief measures to ease the economic distress of the weaker sections in the current testing times. The financial burden of the State Government to manage the current health crisis is huge and accepting donations for fighting against this Covid-19 pandemic in the “West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund”.

Bangabasi College & Bangabasi Morning College under the guidance of Governing Body President Sri. Ashok Deb-MLA and all the members of the Governing Body, Teacher’s Council, Students’ Union has put together a consolidated list of donations, the same is appended below.

Fund Donation by Contribution
West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund”.



Bangabasi College Rs. 10,00,000/-[Ten Lakh]
Bangabasi College Teachers’ Council Rs. 1,50,000/-[One Lakh Fifty Thousand]
Bangabasi College Students’ Union Rs. 1,00,000/-  [One Lakh]
Bangabasi Morning College Rs.5,00,000/- [Five Lakh]
 Total :   Rs.17,50,000/- [Seventeen Lakhs  fifty Thousand ]

In a joint statement made by Sri. Deb-MLA said “We should fight COVID-19 by staying healthy and restricting the spread of the virus to others. We request everyone to contribute towards this cause in the CM’s relief fund so that people who are part of our daily lives get some relief from this fund”. Bangabasi Morning college “Teacher In-Charge” Prof Shipra Halder urges all to contribute for a noble cause. Bangabasi Morning college “Bursar” Dr. Asutosh Kumar in a statement said ” We set an example for others to strengthen our Humble CM hand to fight against Covid 19 pandemic“. Other statement, Sri Jaharlal Das, “President, Bangabasi Group of Colleges Employees Association” said we tend to contribute more funds and appeal to all “BANGABASI-ians” to come forward and contribute in “West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund” for strengthening the hands of Mamata Banerjee towards the relief fighting COVID-19.

Our Contribution to CM's Relief Fund to fight against COVID-19

Our Contribution to CM’s Relief Fund to fight against COVID-19

Online submission

Online submission of application Form for Part-III (Hons./Gen./Major) Exam,2020 (1+1+1 System).

Students who will appear for B.A./B.Sc./ B.Com. [Hons./Major/Genl.] Part-III [1+1+1 system] are asked to follow the notice below. This is applicable only for those students who have not already filled up their forms. All the applicants must fill the form only through online system.

To view details —  Click here

For any query, candidates are asked to visit college office [Ground Floor] from 8.00 am to 11.00 am. till 9th July 2020 maintaining norms of social distancing, masks and sanitizer .

Please note as per University notice : On-line submission of applicants duly signed by the candidates with requisite fees by the students to college — 07.07.2020 to 09.07.2020.


HRA Declaration Form

All  teachers and non-teaching staff are requested to submit the HRA declaration from 01.01.2020 to 30.04.2020 within 17th July’ 2020 positively. For January’20 to April’20 arrear claim . This is urgent. HRA forms to be collected from Sandip Singh.

All the teachers and non-teaching staff are requested to submit the HRA declaration form within 07.08.2020. For further process of salary from August’2020. This is very urgent

 Joint declaration by husband and wife for drawl of House Rent Allowance as per provision of Ropa 2019 Click here for – HRA Declaration Form

Filled-up Form [Hard copy] must be submitted to the college authority within specified time.

Online Orientation Course

 Notice dated 29.07.2020

Online Orientation Course for the students of B.Sc. Zoology Honours and General of Bangabasi Morning College will be conducted by the Department of Zoology through LMS. The details are given below.


Theme: Fundamentals of Physiology and Biochemistry  ,  View Details
Date of Commencement: 3rd August, 2020 
Eligibility: Enrolment in B.Sc. Zoology Honours/ General Course in Semester 2 under CBCS Curriculum of C.U. during January – June, 2020. 



Theme: Basic Ecology and Parasitology –    View Details
Date of Commencement: 4th August, 2020
Eligibility: Enrolment in B.Sc. Zoology Honours/ General Course in Semester 4 under CBCS Curriculum of C.U. during January – June, 2020.

Duration of both the Courses: Six weeks,  Course Fee: Nil

At the end of the courses online examination will be conducted. All successful students will get a certificate with grade.

Bangabasi Morning College

Head, Department of Zoology
Bangabasi Morning College