Notice Board

under CBCS, 2019

[Notice Date:07/06/2019]

All students of B.A. Honours and General Semester-II (Under CBCS), 2019 are requested to come to the college on 12.06.2019 &13.06.2019 to sign on the award list of Tutorial Examination.

Please take previous admit card with you. 

Head of the Department

Department of Bengali
Bangabasi Morning College

B.A./B.Sc. and B.Com. Sem-II Exam

All classes will remain suspended on account of Summer Recess on & from 17 May, 2019 to 30 June, 2019. However, teaching and non-teaching staff will have to attend College to conduct Practical and Tutorial Examinations of B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com Semester 2 (CBCS curriculum) of CU and to upload marks in connection to Internal Assessment of the said examination and also to perform Invigilation, Admission and other academic duties, as and when required,  during this period. Therefore, this recess period should not be considered as vacation and leaving of station for any purpose without the prior permission of the authority will not be allowed.

B.A./B.Sc. and B.Com. Semester-2 Examination of C.U., 2019 will be conducted by Bangabasi Morning College Centre tentatively in the month of June, 2019 as per schedule of C.U. Details of invigilation Duty will be notified in due course.


Bangabasi Morning College

B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com. Sem-II

B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com. Semester 2 (CBCS) Tutorial Examination of C.U. (2018-2019) will be conducted according to the following schedule. 

Date Subject Time Room Nos.


3.6.2019 Bengali General 8 -8.30 a.m. 221, 222
3.6.2019 Bengali Honours 8.30- 9.30 a.m. Smart Classroom
4.6.2019 Political Science Honours 9 – 10.30 a.m. 213, 214
6.6.2019 English General 8 -10 a.m. 213, 214
6.6.2019 Economics General 8.30 -10.00 am 312
7.6.2019 Urdu General 8 -10 a.m. 221
7.6.2019 English Honours 8 – 11 a.m. 213, 214
8.6.2019 Philosophy General , History 9-11 a.m. 213
8.6.2019 History Hons. and General 8-11.30 am 220,221,222
10.6.2019 Political Science General 8.30-11.30 a.m. 220,221,222
10.6.2019 Mathematics Honours 8.00-11.30 a.m. 308
10.6.2019 Mathematics General 8.00-10.00 a.m. 312

B.Com. Sem- IV (H & G)



B.Com. Semester- IV (Hons and General) Internal Assessment Examination 2019 will be held on 24th -25th June, 2019 as per the following schedule:

Semester Subject Date Time



Semester IV

(Hons and General)

Taxation I 24-06-19 8:30a.m.-9:30am
Microeconomics II and Indian Economy 24-06-19 9:30a.m.-10:00a.m.
Cost and Management Accounting II 25-06-19 8:30a.m.-9:30am
Entrepreneurship Development and Business Ethics 25-06-19 9:30a.m.-10:00a.m.

N.B. Students failing to bring their Admit Card of the last exam will not be allowed to appear for the exam.