• Qualification: M.Sc
  • Designation: Guest Lecturer
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  • Area of Specialization: Geographic Information System(GIS)

Research Extension:

                                 Geographic Information System(GIS)

Teaching Experience:

                                   Computer Science in under graduate level for honours and general courses.


Professional Membership:

Important Publication:

  1. Anirban Chakraborty, J.K. Mandal, Pallavi Roy, Pratyusha Bhattacharya, “Clustering of Noisy Regions (CNR)—A GIS Anchored Technique for Clustering on Raster Map”, Proceeding 2nd International Conference on Computer and Communication Technologies (IC3T 2015),ISBN 978-81-322-2526-3, pp. 511–520, Springer AISC,Vol 381,September,2015
  2. Anirban Chakraborty, J.K. Mondal, Pallavi Roy, and Pratyusha Bhattacharya , “Compact Coalescence Clustering Algorithm(C3A)- A GIS Anchored Approach of clustering  discrete points”, Proceeding the Third International Conference on Information System Design and Intelligent Application,ISBN 978-81-322-2752-6,pp. 515-523,Springer India, Volume  434,India February 2016.

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