Md. Salim Masud Molla

  • Qualification: M.Sc. (Pure Mathematics).
  • Designation: Guest Lecturer
  • Contact No: 9593930978
  • Email:
  • Area of Specialization: Hyper ring

Research Extension:


Teaching Experience:

                                   Honours and general course of B.Sc for 1 years


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Important Publication:


A Class of General Type of Regularities and Generalized Semiprime Ideals in Ternary ring.- Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics. V-40, 911-922. 2016. –Md.Salim & T. K. Dutta.


Subdirect Sum of Ternary Rings and Subdirectly Irreducible Ternary Rings. - Journal of Progressive Research in Mathematics.  V-6(2), 761-769.  2015.-Md. Salim, Miss. P. Mondal  & T. K. Dutta.


Regular Equivalence and Strongly Regular Equivalence on Multiplicative Ternary Hyperring. -Journal of Hyperstructure. V-4(1), 20-36. 2015. -Md. Salim, T. Chanda & T. K. Dutta.


On Right Strongly Prime Ternary Rings. -East-West Journal of Mathematics. V-17(2), 141-152. 2015. – Md. Salim & T. K. Dutta.


Prime Hyperideal of Multiplicative Ternary Hyperrings. -International Journal of Algebra. V-10(5), 207-219.  2016. –Md. Salim & T. K. Dutta.


Regular Multiplicative Ternary Hyperrings. -Italian Journal of Pure and Applied mathematics. V-37, --. 2016. –Md. Salim, T. K. Dutta & K. P. Shum.

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