Dr.Sujata Sinha

  • Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D
  • Designation: Associate Professor
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  • Area of Specialization: Cybernatics,Fluid Dynamics

Research Extension:

Fluid Dynamics

Teaching Experience:

01/09/1984 onwards


National Scholar,Stood Second in the Post graduate (Calcutta University ), got Silver Medal

Professional Membership:

1. Life Member of Indian Science Congress ,ISNA. 2. Calcutta Mathematical Society

Important Publication:

1.Finite difference method for water wave problems in Stratified three-dimensional fluid channel with uneven bottom.(2009) Indian Journal of Theoretical Physics, Vol 57, No 4, 289-309. ISSN NO- 0019-5693

2. Study of linearized water wave problems in three dimensional field using finite difference technique- (2010)-Bull. Cal Math Soc, 102(5) 433-448. 

3.History of Revolution of Computer Science through Mathematics- Proceedings on Mathematics and computer science-an Interface, 73-76,April 2010

Research Projects:


Funding agency

Title of Project

April 2007-March 2012


Mathematical method Associated with water wave generation problems

F-PSW-241 06-07(SR)-6 NOV 6

SNO 81052

April 2012-March 2013


Scattering of Surface Waves by Small Undulation

F.PSW-133/11-12(ERO) dated 25-Jan-12 S.No. 208533

April 2013-March 2014


Scattering of Surface Waves by Small Undulation

F.PSW-133/11-12(ERO) dated 25-Jan-12 S.No. 208533.



Special Achievements:

1.Analytical statistics- Second Edition , ISBN 978-93-80599-76-2,-Academic Publishers- Jan’ 2010, For B.Sc(Hons) Students.

2. Numerical Analysis and Statistical methods including in C and FORTRAN 77(Vol 1.)- First Edition. ISBN 978-93-80599-29-8,Academic publishers –Jan’2011,(For B.Sc(Hons), M-Tech students).

3.Numerical Analysis and Staatistical methods with programming in C.(First Edition)-Jan 2012 , ISBN NO – 978-81-8371-473-0  ,Scitech Publication Pvt. Ltd.(For B.Tech and M.C.A students)

4.Analytical Statistics (Third edition),Academic Publishers- August 2012.

5.Numerical Analysis and Statistical methods ……vol1(2nd edition),Academic Publishers- August 2012

6.Numerical Analysis and Statistical methods including Computer programming in C and Fortran-77- vol II,-First Edition – Jan’2013.Academic Publishers.ISBN 978-93-80599-79-3.For (M.Sc and M.Tech students)

7. Ecstasy of Mathematics-vol 1- August 13.Souradeep Publications.

8.Ecstasy of Mathematics –vol II-August 14.Souradeep Publications.

9.Analytical Statics(Fourth Edition), Academic Publishers-September 14

10.Engineering Mathematics –II,Scitech Publication-August 14,ISBN 978-81-83713-81-8.