Dr. Atreyee Basu

  • Qualification: Msc.( Chemistry ) ,Ph.D (Science )
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Contact No: On demand
  • Email: atreyeebasu1976@gmail.com
  • Area of Specialization: Organic Chemistry , both Honours and General Course.

Research Extension:

·         Carbohydrate Chemistry.

Teaching Experience:


Professional Membership:

Life member of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.

Important Publication:

1. Synthesis of Methyl glycosides of D- quinovosamine & d- fucosamine-- Abhijit Roy, Asim K Ray, Atreyee Mukherjee and Nirmolendu Roy*. Indian Journal of Chemistry, Vol.26B,December 1987,pp1165-1167.

2. Synthesis of Methyl 2,6-Di-O-methyl-alpha-D-glucofuranoside--Atreyee Mukherjee and Nirmolendu Roy*, Indian Journal of Chemistry,Vol27B,November1988,pp1037-1038.

3. Revised structure of the Capsular polysaccharide of Klebsiella Serotype-15-- Atreyee Mukherjee and Nirmolendu Roy*,System.Appl.Microbiol.15,505-512 (1992).

4. Immunochemical Studies on Klebsiella serotype 73 ( enterobacter aerogenes ) Immune System, Atreyee Mukherjee and Nirmolendu Roy*, Biochemical Archives , Vol.8,pp. 115-120,1992.

5. Synthesis of a trisaccharide related to the Klebsiella type 9 antigen--Atreyee Mukherjee and Nirmolendu Roy*, Indian Journal of Chemistry, Vol 33B, August1994,pp726-728.

6. Metals In Medicine--Atreyee Basu*,Scientific Reviews & Chemical Communications,5(2),2015,77-87.

7. Recent trend in Explosive Detection--Atreyee Basu & Arya mitra ,Bangabasi Academic Journal , Vol.12 ,2014-15.

8. Photoactivated Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications--Atreyee Basu & Arya Mitra, Bangabasi Academic Journal, Vol. 13,2015-16.

Research Projects:


Special Achievements: