• Qualification: M. Sc. (J.U.) , Ph. D. (J.U. / I.A.C.S.), Post Doc. IACS (India), Post Doc. Changhua University (Taiwan), Visiting Fellow (Academia Sinica,Taipei,Taiwan)
  • Designation: Associate Professor
  • Contact No: On demand
  • Email: amitavadutta2001@yahoo.co.uk
  • Area of Specialization: Coordination Chemistry

Research Extension:


Synthesis and characterisation of polynuclear Cu,Mn,Fe complexes and study of their electron   transfer reactions.These are interesting due to their potential redox catalytic activity.


Synthesis and characterisation of Bio organometallic, Chalcogenolate compounds--model Enzyme complexes containing metal active site (Fe-only hydrogenases, Ni-Fe hydrogenase, Nitrile hydratase etc.).The study involves synthesis of Transition metals inorganic complexes with biologically relevant ligands that mimic the active sites of metalloenzymes in their spectroscopic and catalytic behaviours.Characterisation of these complexes using different instrumental techniques.

Teaching Experience:

                                   Under Graduate Chemistry both Honours and General Courses



                National Scholarship

Professional Membership:

Life Member of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Important Publication:

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Research Projects:

                                   MRP No-- F.PSW—028/05-06(ERO) From 2006-2008


  •  Prof,Wen-Feng Liaw(Taiwan) ,Prof.Chen-Hsiung Hung (Taiwan)

Special Achievements:

                                      PRESENTATION  AT  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE

 1.Ist Taiwan Biological Inorganic Chemistry conference --- Hsinchu , Taiwan(2002).

 2. Asian Symposeum on Biological inorganic Chemistry(ASBIC-IV) --  Jeju , South Korea(2008).

 3.International conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry(ICBIC- XIV) – Nagoya,Japan(2009)

 4. Asian Symposeum on Biological inorganic Chemistry(ASBIC-V)--Kaoshiung ,Taiwan(2010).

 5. XXVth International conference of Chinese Inorganic Chemists – Taipei(2010).