Zoology is one of the interesting branches of Biological Sciences that deals with the amazing and marvellous world of animals. The department of Zoology was established in Bangabasi Morning College in 1965 with the objective of developing an insight among the students into the natural environment and thereby growing a keen interest towards the animal world. Understanding the constraints of teaching the subject in a completely urban area where there is practically no scope of coming in touch with nature, field trips are conducted every year with utmost care to provide opportunity to the students to come across to the natural ecosystem to understand the systems working therein that creates real interest and clarifies subject matter.

Teachers in the department are not only interested in acquiring academic and professional growth but they indeed devote their knowledge and skill for holistic development of the students. Celebration of special days of relevance like World Animal Day, Elephant Day, Tiger Day in the department spreads awareness among the students on the significance of animals and animal conservation. Students have worked on different field-based projects like noise pollution, water quality estimation, insect population study, fish biodiversity study and other interesting topics having great application to the environment and society at large. Students are encouraged to present the results of their study in various seminars and conferences, from institutional to national level.

The department possesses a spacious general laboratory equipped with necessary apparatus and instruments. A small museum contains preserved specimens from different phyla of the kingdom Animalia. Apart from availing a good number of text and reference books in Zoology in the College Library students can also read and borrow reference books from the departmental library. The department also subscribes to Academic Journal for students and teachers. Recently internet facility has also been provided in the department.

Concerted efforts on the part of the teachers have led to the introduction of the Three -Year B.Sc. Honours Course in Zoology from the academic session 2014-2015. A new Laboratory cum classroom has been constructed for exclusive use of the department. Along with academic expansion the department actively remains engaged in extension activities like organising Thalassemia Awareness Campaign, holding debate on Animal Dissection, Seminar on Animal Conservation, Essay Competition on Animal Friends and other important issues.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Sreejata Biswas, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., Associate Professor
Sri.Subrata Hansda,M.Sc.,B.Ed.Assistant Professor.
Dr. Anirban Roy, M.Sc.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Dr Sujoy Sarkar, M.Sc.,Ph.D. State Aided College Teacher, Category –I


Sri Sanjay Chakraborty, M.Sc., L.L.B., M.B.A.(GLI), Zoology