The college introduced this department in 1973.In the initial stages there were a few informal classes on Sundays covering mainly Pre-University syllabi.It was in 1975 that department was duly affiliated by the CU.In the beginning apart from teaching at the Graduate level the department also taught Pre-University level between 1975-1978.Subsequently,from 1978 upto 2002 the department has taught Higher Secondary Classes.

The department has increasingly involved itself in serving the cause of URDU teaching in particular and spread of education among the Muslim minorities in General.

By the middle of 1980’s ,the department was in the forefront for spreading the message of the need for Urdu teaching in Calcutta institutions and to this end the All India Urdu Co-ordination Council was established.

Teaching Staff

Sabiha Tazeen, M.A. State Aided College Teacher, Category -I
Smt. Sajda Bano, M.A., State Aided College Teacher, Category -II