Political Science

Since the date of its inception in 1965,this department runs with both Honours and Pass Course.The students comes from nearly all cross sections of the society,with middle and lower middle class backgrounds of the urban,semi-urban and rural milieu.Most of the students are Urdu speaking boys and girls ,which unmistakably goes to show that as far as the enhancement of social consciousness and academic performance of the Urdu-speaking youth in and around Kolkata is concerned,our college in general and our department in particular ,has played a very vital role.

This department has a rich departmental library,which serves the purpose of the Honours student.The HOD has a direct contact with the students stemming out of profound academic interest and helps them a lot.

All the teachers of the department are entrusted with confidential work at the degree Course level of the C.U.Apart from this Prof.Ajeya Sarkar has also been associated with the confidential academic assignment at the Post-Graduate level of both the C.U and Rabindra Bharati University.She was also a member of the SENATE of the C.U from 1999 to 2003.

Teaching Staff

Smt. Ajeya Sarkar, M.A., Associate Professor

Smt. Tulika Chakravorty, M.A., Assistant Professor  [Head of the Department]

Smt.  Amrita Chowdhury, M.A. CWTT [College]

Sri.Atul Ch. Biswas,M.A.,Assistant Professor,