The department of Physics, one of the leading Science departments of this college was founded on 18th January,1965. It started with the vision of spreading knowledge of basic science among the pupils. The department had been proud to have some learned and devoted teachers to carry on the noble task of imparting knowledge.

Considering the great demand for Physics Honours from the Students’ Union as well as from the society, Physics Honours course has been introduced in this college in 2005-2006 session. Since then, Physics department is running with reputation for its General as well as Honours courses. All the teachers of the Department are very energetic, motivated and enthusiastic. They take every care for the good of the students. Most of the faculty members are engaged in active research both in India and abroad. They have successfully completed several research projects funded by Inter-University Consortium for DAE Facilities and University Grants Commission. Their experiences in research encourage the students to motivate themselves in learning the basic science.

The department is enriched by motivated and sincere teachers involved in their research work in various fields of Physics. They devote their entire time in academic activities in and outside the college premises. One of them (Dr. M. K. MItra) received STA Fellowship, sponsored by Japan International Science and Technology Centre (JISTEC), Japan, in recognition of his research activities on liquid crystalline materials. He worked there and produced fruitful results in his works. Another teacher (Dr. Anindya Sarkar) is also very young and energetic researcher. He is mostly engaged in doing research on High Temperature Super Conducting Materials. He visited Positron Collision Laboratory twice (2007 & 2009), Trento, Italy to carry out experiment on positron scattering. He also visited ESRF, Grenoble, France in 2004 for a short period to perform experiment on Compton Scattering in High Temperature Super Conducting Materials during phase transition. Apart from publishing research papers the teachers are also interested in writing popular articles in order to attract the students towards the marvel of science. Teachers regularly attend seminars, workshops and conferences and also various in-service training programmes like Refresher Course and Orientation Programme to keep updated knowledge.

The department is proud to possess two well equipped laboratories with all required apparatus, visual teaching aids, OHP, Computers and other necessary instruments. But as Science is a dynamic subject, there is no scope of stagnation as far as the standard of the department is concerned. So all the members of the Department sincerely aim to achieve better infrastructure and academic environment that may facilitate the academic growth of the department in future.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Mukul Kumar Mitra, M.Sc., Ph.D.,Post-Doc.[JISTEC,Japan], Associate Professor
Dr. Anindya Sarkar, M.Sc., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Sri Souvik Prasad, M.Sc., Assistant Professor
Dr. Nilormi Biswas, M.Sc., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Sri Chinmoy Sikdar, M.Sc., State Aided College Teacher, Category –II
Md Lucky Dildar, M.Sc., State Aided College Teacher, Category –II

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