This department was introduced in Bangabasi Morning College in the year 1985.The students get frequent help like books and reading materials on important topics from the faculty and those who are financially weak get help in the form of books and stationery. The teachers are always trying to update the students by interactive sessions, group discussions and apart from mid-term tests there are surprise tests also by which the students can assess their progress in the class.The students are given charts and diagrams for Logic and Psychology apart from the conventional mode of teaching.

The teachers are trying to inculcate social awareness amongst the students and engage them in cultural and social activities apart from the academic. This department is trying to open the Honours course .In spite of constraints,the faculty tries consistently to conduct student seminars; recently an excursion was organised for the betterment of the students.

Teaching Staff

Smt. Sukla Sarkar(Das), M.A., Assistant Professor

Activities of the Department of Philosophy.