This department enjoys the distinction of being amongst the very few with which the college came into its separate existence. The department is enriched because of the involvement of eminent teachers and scholars. Many students of this department has shown excellence in their future academic and professional life. A large number of students comes from the Urdu speaking and socio-economically backward community.

Department provides rich library under the able guidance of Dr.Sujata Sinha (recently retired). We also use computer for the students Practical classes. The teachers of the department are engaged in confidential works assigned by the University. Teachers regularly attend various National and International seminars and carry on research work sincerely. The Department has been enriched by the introduction of the P.G (distance) Course under Vidyasagar University.

Teaching Staff

Sri Partha Bhattacharya, M,Sc., M.Phil., Associate Professor
Sri Prithwiraj Halder, M.Sc., Assistant Professor
Sri Bikash Chandra Mondal,M.Sc.,B.Ed, Assistant Professor

Md Mahatab Uddin Molla, Assistant Professor