Computer Science

It is a self-funded established department.The department got its affiliation from Calcutta University in general Course in 2002-2003 and Honours Course in 2003-2004.There are experienced teachers in the department.Students of this department are increasing day by day as the demand of this  subject is also accelarating at a high rate in the present society and job market. There is no significant change in the syllabi ,except the structural change in the system of examination in the last five years.Students of the department take help from the books ,journals as well as use of computers of the Computer Science laboratory as their learning resources.They are continuously assessed by the teachers through class tests,preparatory tests and tutorials.Students can access books and study material from our main library as well as departmental reference book shelf .

Study of Computer Science at undergraduate courses in this college always try to provide the knowledge of Computer science that is appropriate to know the subject better and also appropriate for their career be it academic or industrial.

We are proud to announce that Computer Science classes are conducted at our second campus from the year 2014.Ratio of available computer and students is 1:1.

Career Oppertunities

Computer science is considered the fastest growing area for employment. Most businesses and industries have computer-centered positions and the teaching of computer science in high schools and colleges is also a well opportunities for the students.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Saptarshi Goswami, M.Tech., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
Smt. Susmita Koner, M.Sc.,M.Tech., College Appointed Full- Time Teacher
Sri Mithun Kumar Bhowal, M.Sc., State Aided College Teacher, Category -II
Smt. Pallavi Roy, M.Sc., State Aided College Teacher, Category -I
Sri Bhabani Prasad Roy, M.Sc., State Aided College Teacher, Category -II
Smt. Pallabi Dutta,M.Sc., State Aided College Teacher, Category –I

Departmental Seminar