The department is one of the oldest as well as leading departments of the college.The department runs with a considerable number of students.

The department pursues Honours as well as General Courses.The intake capacity with the Honours Course is 300 and and General Course is 400. The department started with the General Course during the period of its inception in 1965.With the continuous demand for opening Honours Course it started Honours in Accounting and Finance group in 1994.

The Head of the Department issues books from the departmental library to the Honours students regularly. The teachers of the department are well aware of the changes and accordingly the students are also informed in time. The faculty members attend different seminers/conferences/workshops organized by different bodies / institutions /college. Thus the Faculty leaves no stone unturned in updating themselves and making them aware of the latest trends of the subjects mentioned in the syllabus.

Apart from the Departmental library for Hons students ,the students of both Hons and General get benefits of the learning resources like books,journals etc. from the college Library.

Teaching Staff

Smt. Shipra Halder, M.Com., Associate Professor
Smt. Moumita Sarkar(Samanta), M.Com., M.Phil., Assistant Professor
Dr. Priyanka Saha, M.Com., M.Phil.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Sk. Mustak Ahmed,M.Com.,ACMA,Assistant Professor
Sri Biswajit Sarkar, M.Com, LLB. Sri Debasis Biswas , State Aided College Teacher, Category –II
Sri Subhabrata Dinda, M.C.A, M-Tech(CSE),State Aided College Teacher, Category -II
Sri Debasis Biswas ,M.Com. College Appointed Full- Time Teacher

UGC Sponsored State level Seminar which was held on March 17,2015

Special Lecture Series organised by our Department on January 31,2015 & December 22,2015

Some snaps related to our department