This department started functioning since the inception of the college in 1965. From the beginning, it has been offering B.Sc. General Course as part of the B.Sc. Bio-Science Section. The Department also uses to teach the Environmental Science course to the students of Commerce and Humanities streams earlier. B.Sc. Honours in Botany was introduced in the college with the sanctioned student strength of 15 in 2006. The department currently has approx. a total of 200 students (Honours and General course).

The department has a laboratory and is well equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments. It has a departmental Seminar library and a departmental teachers’ library, in addition to having access to the Central library. It also subscribes academic journals for both teachers and students. The Department also possesses a small museum having a collection of various botanical specimens. Moreover during botanical excursions many specimens are collected from different ecological habitats and the unique ones are displayed in the museum. The department organizes frequent excursions to have a comprehensive idea on the floristic composition of different regions of India. It also publishes a wall magazine ‘PHYTO-ESSENCE’ tri-annually. Moreover, special lectures, seminars, quiz, essay and debate competitions on environmental, ecological and botanical related topics were organized for students time to time in the department.

The teachers of the department use different teaching aids like projectors, charts, models, microscopes, permanent slides, preserved specimen, Herbarium, museum etc. in the classrooms for better understanding of the students. The department also take special care of the students who are weak in various ways and conduct regular tutorials and try to encourage good and bright students to improve their academic performance through special coaching, guiding in projects and student seminars, helping them to participate in intra & inter collegiate competitions.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Papiya Saha, M.Sc.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Dr. Radharaman Bar, M.Sc., Ph.D. , Assistant Professor
Dr. Trayee Biswas,M.Sc., Ph.D. , Assistant Professor
Sri Sourav Sengupta, M.Sc.tate Aided College Teacher, Category -II
Smt. Paramita Chatterjee, M.Sc.tate Aided College Teacher, Category -II


Departmental Seminar

Departmental Excursion