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1 Admission Criteria  

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1 Admission related information visit the college website.

Helpline Number : 

2 You need to register yourself first against the college by filling up the registration form.During registration Scanned copy of passport size photo & signature to be uploaded with maximum allowed file size 30kb in total
3 On successfull registration you will get a system generated Registration No and Security Pin code which you need to keep safe and memorize for all future correspondance.   With this Registration No and security pin you can always login by clicking on Existing Applicant and will able to browse and modify the information you entered.
4 After successfull registration you will be redirected to a page where you need to select the subject of your choice and your preference . See admission criteria for maximum allowed subjects
5 If your entered 10+2 records match the admission criteria of your subject selection, it will added to your list and you can continue to add more subject to the maximum allowed subjects. After adding all the subjects of your choice you need to click on Payment button to make necessary payment  for registration.
6 Modification is only allowed till you are not clicking on the Payment button. Once the Payment button is clicked no further modification is allowed although you can still login and view your information.
7 Applicants with payment completion within the stipulated date will only be considerd for merit list.
8 If  you have already registered with the college, you click on EXISTING APPLICANT green color button and you need to provide your registration number and securiy pin to continue.