Admission UG (Session 2019-2020)

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2. 2nd Phase Admission Notice dated 18.06.19  View Details
3. Online Application for Reserve Category  View Details
4. 3rd Merit List of 1st Phase Application  View Details
5. 4th Merit List of 1st Phase Application  View Details
6. 5th Merit List of 1st Phase Application  View Details
7. Merit list of 2nd phase online application  View Details
8. Admission Notification dated 26.06.2019  View Details
9. Admission Notification dated 01.07.2019

Online application for Reserve Category

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10. Admission Notification dated 01.07.2019 View Details. 
11. Govt. order for Admission dated 01.07.2019 View Details
12. Document Verification Notification dated 02.07.2019 View Details
13. Admission Notification dated 04.07.2019 View Details
14. Admission Notification dated 06.07.2019 View Details
15. Admission Notification dated 08.07.2019 View Details
16. Admission Notification dated 09.07.2019 for De-reservation Merit list View Details
17. Admission Notification dated 10.07.2019  View Details
18. Notice dated 10.7.2019, date extension for admission from 10th Merit List  View Details
19. Notice dated 11.7.2019 for 11th Merit List  View Details
20. Notice dated 12.7.2019 for 12th Merit List View details
21 Notice dated 16.7.2019 for 13th Merit List View details
22. Notice dated 18.07.2019 for 14th Merit List View details
23. Registration of  1st year students.
Time (7.30 am to 4.00 pm)
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24. Notice dated 20.07.2019 for 15th Merit List View details
25 Admission notification dated 20.07.2019 for Application in Vacant Seats View details
26 Admission notification dated 22.07.2019 for 16th Merit List View details
27 Admission notification dated 23.07.2019 on vacant Seats List View details
28 Admission notification dated 23.07.2019 for 17th Merit List View details
29 Admission notification dated 25.07.2019 for 18th Merit List View details

Refund of withdrawn/cancelled names (UG Courses), Notice dt. 19.09.2019

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